by Kirk Dubb & Mister Holmes

Released 2005
Selling Records
Released 2005
Selling Records
Blue Collar Hip Hop w/ an Old School flavor. "2 a.m. broads...triple digit bartabs...rhythm method hangovers...Its enough to make you THIRSTY.
Kirk Dubb & Mister Holmes

Who's In the Pub? Holmes and Dubb...

Whatcha Gonna Do? Chug-A Lug.

With the heart of a poet and the soul of a derelict, Kirk Dubb's cult classic 2001 debut CD Booze and Madness forever established him as Northwest hip hop's foremost Sultan of Swill.

Now, four years after that boozy epic, Kirk Dubb has found the perfect rhyming and drinking foil in Mister Holmes. Together, these alcoholic alchemists have brewed up a new CD. With all the sobriety and subtlety of a detox ward, Thirsty (Selling Records), is guaranteed to quench the senses, while quelling the hangovers.

Think of it as projectile hip hop.

Thirsty reunites these renaissance rogues with Booze and Madness production wunderkind Dynomite D. New to the mix this time around are veteran producers Mr. Supreme (Sharpshooters) and Grammy Award winner Art Hodge (Santana). Together they brew an intoxicating mix of deep basslines and beats recalling the heady stew of the Beasties "Paul's Boutique" heyday. The lyrical toxicology of titles like "Who's In the Pub?", "Never Gonna Die", and "Great Northwest", pay homage to their Seatown hometown, mining local references ranging from Hendrix to Sasquatch to the Space Needle (shades of fellow Northwest icon Sir Mix-A-Lot).

Thirsty's cover art says it all. Kirk Dubb, the truck driving everyman (who moonlights as hip hop's wordsmith to the wasted), stares at a fresh pint of Guinness through the red, squinted eyes of one who knows the words "last call" all too well. Mister Holmes by contrast, looks like he has just stepped out of a Hunter S Thompson "Fear and Loathing" movie. Seated at the ready, armed with cocktail glass and a full bottle of hooch, the only thing missing is the cigarette holder.

As permanent mayor of West Seattle 's "pub row", Kirk Dubb's credentials are as well established as his affection for alcohol. His resume includes being nominated by Seattle 's Weekly as 2003's "Best Hip-Hop" act (alongside the likes of Source of Labor and the Sharpshooters). He also has the distinction of being named "Drunk of the Month" by Modern Drunkard Magazine.

With Thirsty, you can add a shot of Mister Holmes to this already potent mix.. A self described "average working stiff with delusions of grandeur" from "The Promised Land of Rat City" ( South Seattle 's notorious White Center neighborhood), Mister Holmes is the poetic misanthrope to Kirk Dubb's derelict of drunken dialect. Call him the "thoughtful brooding archetype".

If loose women, cold beer, and hip hop whet your appetite for late night excess, Thirsty is guaranteed to satisfy your deepest cravings.

Belly up y'all.

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